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Course Features
Nursery Curriculum
Curriculum Model –
The foundation class (N1) is designed for children aged two or older. The curriculum focuses on the stimulation and training of early senses, allowing children to promote early senses, language, and creativity in the process of personal exploration and manipulation. The development and ability of large and small muscles, social and self-care, so that children can get comprehensive and balanced development and care before learning.
The foundation class
The learning period for children between the ages of two and three is pre-school preparation. We will stimulate the child’s sensory development through different teaching materials and activities, and promote the flexibility of the child’s hand, the coordination of hand-eye coordination and the coordination of physical development. We use a group approach to provide opportunities for children to communicate. Children will learn to pack up their daily necessities to enhance their self-care ability and prepare them for their children’s life and study.
Course introduction
Kindergarten Curriculum –
Nursery class (K1), low class (K2) and high class (K3) are designed for children aged two months and older. We are based on the Hong Kong pre-primary Curriculum Guide. The teaching model is based on the theme of “the theme”, “activity” as the line, and “partition learning”. It focuses on child-oriented interactive learning and develops children’s logical thinking by providing rich and complete diversified learning experiences. The ability to build a spontaneous learning attitude and experience the joy of learning to lay the foundation for children’s lifelong learning.
Nursery class
Three to four years old is the child’s “exploration period”. Through group discussion, games, group learning, sensory manipulation and other inducing learning strategies, we encourage children to actively interact with the surrounding environment and find curious everyday things to explore. In order to cultivate a positive and independent learning attitude, it will achieve a balanced development in the aspects of spirit, morality, intelligence, body, group and beauty.
Low class
Four to five years old is the child’s learning and development period. Through a variety of learning activities, we will enable children to construct knowledge and cultivate autonomy through personal participation, manipulation, and interaction with different modes of the environment and people. Learning spirit, developing learning ability, positive and positive values and attitudes, in order to improve children’s learning motivation, to establish a good learning attitude and learning skills.
High class
Children between the ages of five and six have good learning ability, and their development in language, self-care, socialization, and size and muscles are becoming more mature. Therefore, we study in the form of design activities, and we will take the child as the leading factor and discuss with them. The content and direction of learning, so that children can master the skills of learning and develop independent and multi-directional thinking skills.
Primary 1 Bridging Course
In the transition to the primary school stage of kindergartens, the environment, teaching and curriculum are different. In view of this, the kindergarten will design a series of “young convergence” activities for young children in the next semester of high school. Help children to learn about primary school life and start a new learning journey.