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Introduction And Constitution


Aim of Parent Teacher Association:

1. Student-oriented;
2. Foster connection and communication between parents and school;
3. Through home-school cooperation, foster the children’s academic, physical and mental development;
4. Through parent education, let parents have a better understanding of the needs of their children and pay more attention to the healthy growth of their children;
5. Collect parents’ opinions through various channels such as meetings and gatherings to promote school development.

Committee of Parent Teacher Association:

Parent representative:

Chairman Achilles Yeung
Vice-Chairman Cherry  Fu
Treasurer Cat Leung
Secretary Abby Yeung
Recreation, general affairs and contact person Ha King Yip, Yuki Yip

School representative︰

Advisor Mok Yuen Ping
Vice Chairman Wong Nga Sze
Treasurer Chung Oi Yin
Recreation,general affairs and contact person Chung Ying Wai, Lo Yuk Wah

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