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Foundation class

Foundation class

The learning period for children between the ages of two and three is pre-school preparation. We will stimulate the child’s sensory development through different teaching materials and activities, and promote the flexibility of the child’s hand, the coordination of hand-eye coordination and the coordination of physical development. We use a group approach to provide opportunities for children to communicate. Children will learn to pack up their daily necessities to enhance their self-care ability and prepare them for their children’s life and study.

Sensory development

We teach with a variety of sensory activities, allowing children to understand everyday things through their own eyes, hands-on, and hearing, and stimulate their sensory thinking ability to achieve comprehensive development.

Development of large muscles and small muscles

Through indoor activity rooms and outdoor playground facilities, we allow children to run, jump, walk, climb and other different types of muscle activities, promote the development of their limbs and muscles, enhance the coordination and flexibility of the body. In addition, we also design organized small muscle activities to enable children to manipulate the fun games and teaching aids to enhance the flexibility of hand movements and operating tools.

Great muscle activity

Small muscle activity

Social development

Encourage children to share, share, and socialize with their peers through stories, simulation games, and different organizational social activities to gain good, positive social behavior.

Development of self-care

When children enter campus life, it is the beginning of self-care. We encourage our children to learn to pack and handle their daily necessities, such as toys, school bags, handkerchiefs, and refreshments, to enhance their self-care ability, develop their independence and build good habits.