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Principal’s Words

Best Education



The Lord Jesus said, “Let the children come to me,” because Jesus loves their innocence and enthusiasm. When the children laugh and jump to your side every day, say in the morning, happily share the life anecdote, focus and enjoy the participation in learning, lively and play on the game field, naughty look, focus on the eyes, joyful Laughter, combined into a beautiful picture. Early childhood education is an enlightenment education. Children from ignorance and ignorance to learning a lot of knowledge, from fear of strangeness to love to go to school, to create a happy learning and growth environment, has always been our persistent and greatest desire, how to train them in the process of growing up The right knowledge and good character?


“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; knowing the Holy One is wise.” Proverbs 9:10, Heavenly Father is the source of the knowledge of all things creators, we will teach children to learn to fear the Father and let them know the greatness of the Creator, and Enriching more knowledge from the exploration of the world; in learning, we will encourage children to “do whatever they want, do their best to do it.” Let them work hard to complete each learning task, and in the Lord Pursue excellence and keep improving; and cultivate children to be loyal and good, establish an active and diligent learning attitude; and on campus can be “modest, gentle, patient, caring, tolerant, peaceful” attitude with people Treat each other with kindness, and plant and bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit.


As the saying goes, the best education is the education of life. The trait of “life” is full of vitality and growing. We hope that children will be full of motivation and joy to learn every day because they feel the power of this life. To this end, we are willing to offer the best education for the Father and the children; we look forward to loving them with the love of Jesus; we prefer the Father to bless and use the Wan Chai Church Kindergarten to become the community’s lamp stand and bless more children. And the family, witnessed by preschool education services and the name of the glory god.