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School History

The Wan Chai Church was established in 1863 by the London Missionary Society. It handled a church and a school in accordance with the principle of missionary service. The original church site was located at a separate building on Wan Chai Road. The classrooms were used for classes and the underground hall was used for worship. After the Second World War, the church purchased the current site of Chuk Kui Terrace and continued to implement the missionary service. In 1954, the Wan Chai Church School, Wan Chai Church Night School and Wan Chai Church Kindergarten were established.


In the 1950s, education was not popular. Many children did not have the opportunity to go to school because of family poverty. Schools provided near-free education, so that children from low-income families had the opportunity to receive education. By the end of the 1980s, Wan Chai Church School and Wan Chai Church Night School had been ended and completed their historical missions. At the same time, the school sponsoring body further developed pre-school education services and added full-time education services kindergartens in 1989. The Wan Chai Church Kindergarten has been working hard on the spirit of Christian fraternity. It has been to cultivating seedlings, eager to take care of the Lord, to carry forward the truth, to bear the good fruits, and to lay a foundation for quality early childhood education. Kindergartens have always been cherished by the Lord. With the support of the church, they have spared no effort to invest resources, expand school ministry, and continue to support the mission of nurturing early childhood education in Wan Chai District.