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English Courses

Learning target

The English program of the school is based on the development of the native language of the local children. It gradually integrates English into different learning activities, allowing children to learn English, use English and enjoy English in a rich, natural and pleasant English environment. pleasure

Learning mode

In order to create a happy and authentic English learning environment, our English courses are designed and taught by our native English teachers. Our English classes is made up of interesting themes related to children’s real-life experiences. Our English classes also enhance children’s English expression through different types of interactive activities, including,





Story books are gifts for children to learn a language. The school uses the ” Longman Education Shared Reading Programme” series of storybooks as a textbook to lead children into the English world with interesting and vivid story lines, learn different vocabularies and understand the structure of English sentences.





In order to improve the accuracy of children’s English pronounciation, our school uses Jolly Phonics songs and stories to teach children the sound of the 26 alphabets and vocabulary for each sound. As they proceed to upper class(k3), they will further learn the skills of blending sounds together. Students will develop fluency to read words, phrases and then sentences. This is a crucial skill to master prior to entering primary school in order to master spelling and build their vocabularies. This in turn, enhances their language fluency and ability.





Songing is another way for children to learn a second language. The school uses traditional English songs and self-composed songs as the main method of teaching. It allows children to learn short sentences and vocabularies while singing, and cultivate their interest in English learning.





Playing games is a child’s favorite method learning. The school integrates the learning into the games, allowing the child to learn joyfully while playing. This is to reinforce the taught content and allow students to play simultaneously.





In order to increase the interaction between children and native English teachers while improving their English speaking skills, we incorporate English activities into arts and crafts, story telling, etc. This allow students to familiarize the use of everyday language skills that is relevant to their life experiences.




Key learning points

The English language courses of the school are based on the principle of gradual progress. According to the language development characteristics of the children, different English activities are designed for different age groups.




Time schedule

N1 K1 K2 K3
Weekly class 1-2 2-3 3-4 4

Learning content

N1 K1 K2 K3
Combination phonics
Story reading
Short sentence
Sentence structure