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School Activities

Family activities

We value cooperation and communication between parents and school is important. Hence different parent-child activities are held to enhance relationship between parents / school, and provides opportunities for parent-child activities to promote communication between home and school. Each year, different forms of parent-child activities are held.

Parent-child activities

We organizes parent-child activities every year to strengthen the trust and understanding between parents and school. Through this, parents are able to have fun and spend quality time on a family.

Festival celebration

Each year, we holds different forms of carnivals, and celebrations, and gala evenings during the festival. Through different forms of activities, such as: Christmas worship, big food party, magic show, parent-child game, etc., parents and children can enjoy the holiday together.

Chinese traditional cultural activities

Our school has designed a wide range of activities such as traditional food tasting, flower market stalls and game booths to deepen students’ understanding of Chinese culture. In addition, through these activities , students will be able to learn to be thankful and to be empathetic towards others.

National education activities

In order to enhance student’s awareness of their national identity, different activities are held on “National Day” and “Reunification Day”, such as making “nation flag”, and participating in the flag-raising ceremony.