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Primary 1 Bridging Course

Primary 1 Bridging Course




In order to make the transition from kindergarten to primary as ideal as possible, the kindergarten provides K3-P1 bridging course for the students to help them prepare for their next learning journey an a primary student.




Environmental convergence:

We will rearrange our classroom and turn it into a primary school classroom setting, so that the children experience what it likes being in the primary school. In addition, we will arrange k3 children to visit the same district primary school, so that they get experience the life of primary school student.




Study schedule︰

We will design a primary school timetable for the children, so that they are well prepared for primary school life. For example, they will learn that recess time is for snacks and going to the washroom. They also learn that there are different subjects taught in primary school.




Course aspect:

The school will prepare a series of primary school pathways for children, which are mainly divided into Chinese, English, mathematics and general studies. These are the same subjects that are taught in primary school.




Other materials:

The school will provide a student hand book for the children in which they copy their homework and notes. Through doing this, children get a better idea life in primary school.