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Low class

Four to five years old is the child’s learning and development period. Through a variety of learning activities, we will enable children to meaningfully construct knowledge and cultivate self-learning spirit through personal participation, manipulation, and interaction with different modes of the environment and people. Develop learning abilities, positive and positive values and attitudes to improve children’s learning motivation to build good learning attitudes and learning skills.

Diversified learning activities

Through diversified learning activities, children have a deeper understanding of everyday things, and have more sustained learning motivation and motivation, are willing to challenge more difficulties, and gradually build mature learning ability.

Partition learning activity

In the rich and child-friendly learning corner, children can plan their own part-by-participation activities according to their interests and abilities, and implement them to establish the ability to solve, analyze, reason, and so on, and experience the spirit of learning to learn.

Preparing activities before writing

When the young children’s muscles mature, we will create children’s writing skills and interests through different levels of fun writing activities, such as line exercises, modeling, free writing, and story creation.

Outdoor experience

We will make good use of community resources to enrich our children’s life experience and optimize learning and teaching activities, and regularly arrange different outdoor activities, such as visiting police stations, libraries, supermarkets, etc., so that children can have a deeper understanding of the surrounding environment. Understand that knowledge is everywhere.